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Silvie & Chérif Defraoui: Archives du Futur

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‘It is always about projections, realities that overlap.’ Silvie Defraoui, 2017

Digital catalogue raisonné for the artist duo Silvie & Chérif Defraoui, founders of Geneva’s legendary Atelier Média Mixtes. The website collects their output since 1973 under the title Archives du Futur, an exhaustive project consisting of hundreds of works ranging from photography and video, to installation, sculpture and performance.

In parallel to the catalogue raisonné, an interactive excursion through the artists’ work offers an alternative, more playful way to explore and engage with the themes of their oeuvre.

Edited by Association Archives du Futur Defraoui. Web development by Samuel Alder / Diluno. 

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