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Vocabularies for an Urbanising Planet: Theory Building through Comparison

In this book, the editors Christian Schmid and Monika Streule suggest a radical change of perspective to decipher the rapidly transforming urban landscapes across the planet. Based on a novel cartography and on ethnographic and historical explorations of Tokyo, Hong Kong / Shenzhen / Dongguan, Kolkata, Istanbul, Lagos, Paris, Mexico City, and Los Angeles, six new evaluation models for urbanisation processes are presented.

Edited by Christian Schmid and Monika Streule. Research by the Future Cities Laboratory at Singapore and the Department of Architecture, ETH Zürich. With contributions by Naomi Hanakata, Ozan Karaman, Anne Kockelkorn, Lindsay Sawyer, Christian Schmid, Monika Streule, and Kit Ping Wong. Maps designed by Dorothée Billard, Roger Conscience, and Philippe Rekacewicz. 

Published by Birkhäuser.

For the printing of the maps, regular magenta was replaced by a fluorescent pink to create more vibrancy.

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